Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

PERSONAL TRAINING:   How many people actually like to wake up early morning at 6 AM to work out? Or for that   matter, head to the gym after a tiring day at office? Our guess is, not many!  Even lack of motivation is what is stopping you from going to the gym; a Personal Trainer may be the right answer for you.

Not only will your personal trainer be of great support during your workouts, he/she will also make sure that you are motivated at a daily level to come to the gym, follow a strict diet routine and stick to discipline when you are traveling or chilling during weekends.

Personal Trainers are also highly recommended for people, who need special attention during working out due to past injuries or any existing medical conditions.Fitness forms the backbone of stay fit wellness experience. All our centers are equipped with world class equipment to provide you with complete workouts in terms of cardiovascular training, strength building, free weight exercises and floor training.

However the specialty of our fitness services extend beyond equipment to the realm of providing you with customized fitness solutions and then moderating them as your body responds to your new lifestyle.



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