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About a year ago I was treated by a physical therapist who warned me that if I continued to be inactive I wouldn't be able to do very basic things as I aged. He recommended I join a gym and I selected Global Fitness Center. My husband was afraid that it was a waste of money and I would quit. I decided the best way to make this part of my routine was to do it every day. Monday through Friday before work. This was a pretty stressful period in my life, my father-in-law had died, a coworker died, the management team where I worked had been downsized, my boss quit and I was only one in upper management left. Getting on the machines and just zoning out relieved my stress and cleared my mind. It gave me much needed energy and a different outlook on life.

At the same time my husband went to a nutritionist and we changed our eating habits. I gave up all soda. Interestingly, I used to go through a bottle of Maalox in 3 weeks and now haven?t used it in a year. My husband starting exercising too and together we encouraged each other to keep going. Honestly it was so much easier then I thought because we felt so much better!

I still try to get here 5x a week. I do 30 minutes of cardio and aim for weights for upper and lower body on alternating days. My endurance is better, I?ve lost about 10kg and my body fat has gone down. My husband lost 15kg 

I'm not someone who ever liked to exercise. Now I can?t imagine stopping!!

Thank you STAY FIT GYM!

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